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ICEFLO Services

We offer a full suite of service options to help you maximise your results with ICEFLO. Whether you’re new to the platform and need to Jump-Start your cutover preparations or are an existing customer needing to educate new staff, we’ve got something for every client and every budget. 

ICEFLO JumpStart ServiceOur team are committed to helping you get the most out of ICEFLO and are here to help you hit the ground running, right from the very start. Our unique JumpStart Service is specifically designed to help you get started with the tool and put your Cutover plans straight into action.

During the JumpStart Service the ICEFLO team work directly with one or more representatives from your company to gain an understanding of your unique challenges, goals and plans, helping you to Cutover with confidence!

Service Includes: 

  • Provisioning your instance of ICEFLO
  • 2 days of Client Discovery, Configuration and Planning with an ICEFLO Solution Consultant 
  • 1 full day of ICEFLO classroom training 
  • 8 hours of Web Training 
  • Unlimited Customer Success Support
Duration: 2 weeks 

Fee: £4,600

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Full Adoption Services

Already made the most of ICEFLO JumpStart? Our services don't end there! We offer the following additional services to help ensure that you achieve your Cutover goals. Whether you wish to develop your skills and achieve accreditations, or work with one our skilled consultants, our range of services are flexible to help you and your team seamlessly adopt ICEFLO.

ICEFLO Academy

If you are ready to succeed with ICEFLO, then the ICEFLO Academy is here to help you. 

Our Acclaim accredited training courses are designed to help you and your team master ICEFLO in no time. Develop all the skills you need for Cutover success! 

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 Work with ICEFLO experts who understand your Cutover challenges and goals.

Choose from an array of on-site and remotely-delivered consulting services that precisely fit your needs.

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Runbooks aaS

Discover this brand new ICEFLO service and have your Runbooks built by our team of Runbook Engineers. 

Our engineers bring advanced product knowledge and attention to detail to the Runbook construction process, helping your Cutover to run smoothly.  

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service assurance
Service Assurance

Our Customers expect complete reassurance when critical cutover activity is underway. We know that the stakes are high in these scenarios and that nothing should be left to chance. Service Assurance is our premium support service, delivering over and above the "normal" expectations throughout your cutovers.

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