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Good Things Happen  


When you use our expert services to help you succeed with ICEFLO



Types of Services

We offer a full suite of education and consulting options to help you maximise your results with ICEFLO.

Whether you’re new to the platform and need a Consultant to jump-start your cutover preparations or a long-time customer needing to educate new staff, we’ve got something for everyone and every budget.




Hit the ground running right from the start.

Planning and implementation help from our experienced Customer Success team will ensure that your first cutover with us is a success.




Grow your skill-set as you learn from ICEFLO experts and peers in a small-group environment.

Our training courses will help you master ICEFLO in a short period of time.




Work with ICEFLO experts who understand your cutover challenges and goals.

Choose from an array of on-site and remotely-delivered consulting services that precisely fit your needs.



Runbooks- aaS

Discover this brand new ICEFLO service- which is to have your runbooks built by our team of Runbook Engineers. 

Bringing product knowledge, structure and attention to detail to the runbook construction process this will save a lot of valuable time. 


Why Agenor?

Day Job



Running a large technology cutover is a rare thing. For most people, it doesn't happen very often and can be a daunting experience.

We've built our business over a decade out of planning and running cutovers. Let us bring that experience to your cutover event. 




We created ICEFLO precisely because we were running cutovers for our clients on a regular basis.

We've used ICEFLO on countless cutovers, learning something every time and constantly improving the solution as a result that hands-on experience. No-one knows ICEFLO better than us.

Casual Office



Agenor's Consulting, Customer Success and Product Engineering teams work together to make ICEFLO the best it can be.

We are all responsible to our Customers and collectively committed to your success.



“The greatest benefit of partnering with Agenor is that you get privy to their exceptional Programme Management expertise through their highly skilled Deployment Team as well as access to ICEFLO which helps in the successful execution of a high risk large-scale technology change.”


“Agenor did an excellent job and played a crucial role in programme managing the team in an ever changing environment. They also ensured seamless delivery of each deployment phase on time and budget.”


“Having the expertise of the Agenor team leading the way reduces the risks of managing the project and created a safe environment during critical deployment. No production incidents were raised, providing improved service delivery." 


“Agenor's Project Management Team's indepth expertise in business and technology enabled a gradual and successful IT transition without interrupting services and ensuring business continuity.”