What we were able to build and deliver in the timelines we were working with could not have been done without RBM.

- Programme Director, Global Bank



What's in it for me?

Across the enterprise, different individuals have different roles and different needs.

Let's explore the benefits of Runbook Management from your perspective, whatever your role.

C-Suite Members

C-Suite members are faced with increasing expectations in the modern business context for maintaining or achieving Operational Resilience within their business. These demands come from staff, customers, shareholders and regulators.

CEO 500px

Chief Executive Officer

You need to transform your business while delivering excellent customer service. That's lots of risky change in a 24*7*365 availability context. Operational Resilience is a hot topic at Board level. Regulators and shareholders look to you.

RBM can help you equip your organisation to meet these demands.

CIO 500px-min

Chief Information Officer

C-level colleagues look to you for technology leadership. You've committed to ServiceNow and are seeing the operational benefits. The strategic vision is to build out a range of business processes on the Now platform.

RBM fits this vision - "on platform", modern, integrated and data driven.

CTO 500px-min

Chief Technology Officer

Your goal is to keep the lights on in an organisation that's driving huge volumes of change to your doorstep. You need to avoid change-related service outages and have reliable, rehearsed Business Continuity and service recovery plans.

RBM can help you deliver those SLAs and assured resilience postures.


Chief Risk Officer

Operational Risks arise whenever technology change and recovery actions are undertaken. Outages represent some of the biggest risks you face. Your leadership is vital to identify and sponsor solutions that manage and mitigate these risks.

Surfacing and managing all risks on the ServiceNow platform meets your strategic goal. 

Senior Executives

You are accountable to the Board for delivery of change, service availability and a rock-solid resiliency posture. Modernisation of the toolset that your organisation uses to deliver these capabilities is a strategic goal.

Program Director 550px-min

Program Director

Your goal is to deliver business and technology change. You are expected to achieve great outcomes but you know you need to protect existing services and customers, and your reputation as a trusted change leader.

RBM can help you deliver change, on-time, within-budget, safely.

Client Services Director 500px-min

MSP Client Director

You've won the bid to deliver and manage critical technology services for your valued client. Service transition will require your teams to deliver high-risk change, while maintaining agreed service availability.

RBM can help you deliver pain-free transitions and to reliably run these BAU services.

Business Continuity Director  500px-min

Business Continuity Director

Current tools are great for event planning, crisis management and comms. But the actual runbooks still live as spreadsheets. Knowing they are up to date, rehearsed and can be trusted is a constant worry.

RBM can help you close the gap, building confidence in your BC posture.

Senior Managers

You own the day-to-day challenge of managing teams of colleagues and partners in planning for change, delivering on availability SLAs and demonstrating operational resilience. Runbook Management can help you achieve these goals with increased confidence and reduced risk, enabling collective success for you and your colleagues.

Senior Project Manager 500px-min

Senior Project Manager

Your goal is to deliver business and technology change. You will be leading the Cutover or Go-Live Event and will be working with SMEs to build, rehearse and refine the cutover plan.

RBM can help you build great plans and get your solution live, with no service outages.

DR Recovery Manager 500px-min

Disaster Recovery Manager

You need to plan and run complex IT Disaster Recovery exercises. Planning tools have huge gaps when it come to building detailed runbooks and you're constantly juggling spreadsheets.

RBM can give you detailed runbooks, control during execution and data-driven evidence.

cutover_manager 500px-min

Cutover Manager

You specialise in building, maintaining and running detailed cutover plans. Spreadsheet runbooks are all that you've got and you often don't have the visibility and control that you need.

RBM has been designed from the ground up to give you all the features you've craved.

service_delivery_manager 500px-min

Service Delivery Manager

Your job it to facilitate change, manage risks and keep the lights on. When business services fail, you need to get them back up and running asap. Recoveries are often unstructured and unpredictable.

RBM can help you plan, prepare and recover business services, confidently.

The Plan Builders

As experts in your chosen field, whether it be business or technology, you are faced with the exciting challenge of defining and constructing a comprehensive range of cutover and recovery plans. You are all too familiar with the world of spreadsheet runbooks and the frustrations they bring. RBM delivers a digital workflow solution that equips you with the essential features needed to create and execute vastly improved plans.

Content Author 267px

Content Author

You are an expert on your field, whether that's business or technology. Your colleagues look to you to provide the detailed tasks, dependencies and estimated required to plan and achieve change or recovery outcomes.

RBM gives you a canvas on which to paint.

Task Owner 500px-min

Task Owner

You'll work with Authors to define and build the tasks in the plan. You'll contribute technical or business expertise to accurately define all activity. You'll perform the tasks with skill and expertise when they are required.

RBM gives you visibility, control and predictability.

event_support 500px-min

Event Support Analyst

You provide vital support for large-scale events. Looking after people, security, logistics, scheduling, reporting. Responding to the shifting sands of each event, reacting to the ebb and flow.

RBM gives you one, shared platform to inform and support everything you do.

The Innovators

Taking a step back from the coal-face, you will be constantly exploring how to make things better, faster, safer and cheaper. Exploring innovation in terms of new DevOps tools. Refreshing and optimising the components and templates provided by Runbook Management. Driving continuous improvement, leveraging all the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform.

component_author 500px-min

Content Pack Author

As use of RBM matures, experts across your organisation will build approved, re-usable content packs - the "lego bricks" of your plans.

RBM lets authors create, approve and share these building blocks. Optimise and improve, constantly.

template_author 500px-min

Template Author

If Content Packs are the "lego-bricks" of your plans, templates are the glue that holds your standards and policies together.

RBM lets you create, approve, share and update templates from which high-quality cutover and recovery plans are created.

client_administrator 500px-min

ServiceNow Engineer

With RBM running as a native ServiceNow solution, you're in a great place. Users, groups, roles, licenses all centralised on your strategic workflow platform. Exploiting new toolset chains using the Integration Hub and associated Spokes.

Leverage the power of the Now platform to rise to the Operational Resilience challenge.

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