Today’s business leaders want to modernise how you plan, rehearse and run high-risk change and recovery scenarios.


Operational Resilience is vital.


Customers, colleagues, shareholders, and regulators demand services that are both resilient and dependable.




Time for Change

The era of relying on spreadsheet runbooks is behind us.
Discover why runbook modernisation is crucial in today's world, where the management of risk and resilience has never been more vital.
Take 2 minutes to watch our video that presents a compelling case for embracing the future.


Modernise your runbook technology to achieve great things

Tackle the challenges faced across all three OpRes scenarios.

Target (SPM)

Deliver more and manage risk

Efficient planning, rehearsals and growing confidence and control lead to more delivery, with reduced risk.

Fire Hydrant

Reduce avoidable service outages

Eliminate the self-harm of service outages induced by planned events, by managing risk in real-time.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance

Satisfy both the current and emerging regulatory requirements for improved Operational Resilience. 

Runbooks on the platform for digital business.

Unrivalled ease of adoption, leveraging your investment in ServiceNow.

Native Now App

RBM is a native, fully-certified Built on ServiceNow® solution.



Global, scalable, and trusted as a strategic platform


Conforms with Customer security and architecture requirements


Free Trial

30-day free trial, upon request.

Subscription Model

Annual subscription model.

User Group

Simple, role-based licensing.

ServiceNow Store

ServiceNow® Store procurement.

User Interface

Familiar, modern user interfaces for employees and partners.

Rapid Time to Value

Rapid time to value  - simple to try, buy, deploy and use.


Roadmap woven into ServiceNow® solutions incl. ITSM, SPM, BCM and IRM.


The platform for digital business

Runbook Management (RBM) offers powerful new capabilities for Customers to tackle their Operational Resilience challenges.

Built on ServiceNow®, RBM is the only runbook solution that leverages Customers' investment in the ServiceNow® platform, replacing outdated spreadsheet runbooks with the power of the platform for digital business.

RBM eliminates information islands and enables seamless integration with other ServiceNow® solutions, business processes, information assets and technology delivery capabilities.

Built On ServiceNow Solution

transform the  experience across all Operational Resilience scenarios

Expect to achieve more, with less risk and improved outcomes.

Reduce Planning Costs


Increase in runbook construction efficiency
Deliver Change


Reduction in Project "No-Go" decisions and delays
Reduce Trend


Reduction in service outages due to planned events
Increase stress testing


Increase in service recovery and DR stress tests

Achieve powerful results with specific, measurable outcomes that enhance your Operational Resilience posture. Boost change throughput, optimise service and disaster recovery, mitigate risk, and attain regulatory compliance.

We have used the original ICEFLO solution for almost a decade and it has transformed our cutover and DR experience. The new Runbook Management solution, delivered on the ServiceNow® platform, makes strategic sense, adds powerful functionality, eases wide-scale adoption and amplifies the benefits to our organisation.
Business Lady #1
Head of Service Delivery
Global Bank
We've been trying for years to eliminate the use of spreadsheet runbooks for critical events. We know we have to mitigate and manage risk better, as the risks we have been exposed to are simply too high. With RBM, we've found the right solution, on the right platform, at the right time.
Business Man #2
Global ServiceNow Platform Owner
Global Bank
We already have a myriad of tools to solve different business problems. Too many. We made the strategic decision to prioritise solutions on the ServiceNow® platform. RBM is like a Swiss Army Knife that we can use to tackle several Operational Resilience scenarios.
Business Man #1
UK Insurance Major

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  • We ask a few questions about how you do things today
  • We then show you the basics of Runbook Management
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