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Find the perfect pack for you

All packs are based upon Monthly Access Licenses (MALs)

All packs come with the full suite of ICEFLO features. 


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Premium Pro

per month
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Everything in Premium, plus:

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Starter Pack

total cost

The ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering, allows for a technology cutover without committing to large financial outlay or corporate adoption.

Starter Pack highlights:

  • Entry level ICEFLO pack
  • Define as many users as required
  • Pack operates on our consumption model
  • 50 monthly access licenses
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Subscription Pack

per user per month
The ICEFLO Subscription Pack, is for clients with a clear view of cutover activity within their organisation over a known period.

Subscription Pack highlights:

  • Fixed duration contract
  • Fixed fee for the contract duration
  • Maximum number of users per month
    • Minimum 25 monthly access licenses and 12 month term
  • Example: a 25 user per month annual subscription costs $36,000 per annum
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Do you need a personalized plan? No worries we can adjust things for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Every cutover involves a huge degree of manpower effort and cost. We can buy ICEFLO for a fraction of the cost of the people involved and deliver a faster, safer result.

The cost of ICEFLO subscription is recovered within a matter of weeks, resulting in a high ROI for the business.

Implementation Manager, Global Investment House

After dress rehearsals, we have a good view of what has changed and which issues were resolved. This gives great input into making preparations for live events.

By making progress information available to all that are interested, we reduce the number of checks and calls, saving time and reducing managed chaos.

Deployment Manager, IBM Services

Since using ICEFLO we rarely, if ever, have to backout complex technology cutovers. This increases business confidence and reduces costs dramatically.

It also allows the business a level of reassurance and comfort that any event won't result in damage to brand and loss of service. 

Head of Service Delivery, Global Retail Bank