Editions & Pricing

Navigating licensing can be a challenge, but we've kept it simple. Our goal is to cater to your immediate requirements while delivering unparalleled value for adopting the RBM solution at scale.


We are excited to announce the launch of RBM with two Editions, with a third edition set to release in 2024. Explore the tabs below to learn more about each Edition and their respective purposes.

We have developed an edition that encompasses all the essential features necessary for planning, rehearsing, and executing intricate planned changes, disaster recovery, or service recovery events.

These features are bundled together in what we refer to as the Standard Edition, which is mandatory for all specialized staff who utilize our solution's full range of features to carry out their responsibilities.

Typical users such as content authors and event managers will require the Standard Edition license.

We understand that most users of Runbook Management will utilise the solution intermittently, performing specific tasks and requiring a limited set of features.

That's precisely why we have developed the Lite Edition.

The Lite Edition is designed for individuals who actively participate in events. They take ownership of and carry out their tasks within the event. It is important for them to view their tasks in the context of the overall plan and to start and complete their assigned tasks.

Our product roadmap includes numerous advanced features that are not available in our Standard Edition.

The main focus that characterises the features of our Professional Edition is the seamless integration with external solutions that extend beyond the ServiceNow platform itself.

Collaboration tools such as MS Teams, Slack, and Zoom, along with DevOps deployment and automation toolsets like Jenkins, PagerDuty RunDeck, AWS CodeDeploy, IBM UrbanCode, and many others, further enhance the capabilities of our Professional Edition.

Features and Pricing.

Explore the extensive range of features offered in each edition, as presented in the table below. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial to explore our solution in depth and discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Safe Harbour: Any future dated features are not commitments and are subject to change.

Free Trial Standard Edition Lite Edition
£ 0
per user per month

£ 80
per user per month

£ 4
per user per month
Create Events
The ability to create, edit and run a single or multi-runbook Event
Event Planner
The ability to use the Event Planner to create, view, start and complete tasks across all runbooks in the Event
Event Overview
The Event Overview provides aggregated metrics and visualisation of Event status, progress and issues.
Event Issues
Manage and view of all issues across the event from a single panel.
Event SCIR
View all Services, Changes, Incidents & Risks across the entire Event.
Create Runbooks
The ability to create runbooks within an Event.
Runbook Planner
The ability to use the Runbook Planner to create, view, start and complete tasks within a Runbook.
Runbook Overview
The Runbook Overview provides aggregated metrics and visualisation of Runbook status, progress and issues.
Runbook Issues
The ability to view, create and update issues within a Runbook.
Stages & Tasks
Create Tasks
The ability to create, edit and view task details
Edit Tasks
Each task can be edited to define the activity in great detail.
Details only
The ability to create, edit and view dependencies between tasks
Start & Complete Tasks
The ability to start and complete tasks to reflect progress.
Own Tasks only
Platform Integration
Change Requests
Add Change Requests to Event and Runbook context
Add Business Services to Event and Runbook context
Add Incidents to Event and Runbook context
Add Risks to Event and Runbook context
License Management
License Allocation
Allocate purchased licenses to different license pools.
License Assignment
Assign licenses to Users and Groups via platform-defined roles.
License Monitoring
Dynamically monitor license pool allocation and users assignment.
License Reporting
View detailed reports on license purchasing, pool allocation and user assignments.
Construction Assets
Create and share Content Packs
Content Packs deliver approved runbook content, accelerating runbook construction.
Q2 2024
Q2 2024
Create and share Templates
Templates enable standards and quick starts
Q2 2024
Q2 2024

Flexible Subscriptions.

RBM is available on a straightforward subscription model, offering monthly pricing with a minimum number of users and minimum term. It is designed to cater to various needs, whether it is for short-term projects or long-term enterprise agreements with multiple scenarios. Take advantage of our pricing calculator below to find the perfect plan for you.

Subscription Fee Calculator

Use this simple calculator to create a quick quotation, in GBP. Contact us for a formal quotation in GBP, EUR or USD.
Minimum of 25 users, £80 per user per month
Minimum of 50 users, £4 per user per month
Minimum of 12 months term



Payment in advance for Total Subscription Fees (fees exclude VAT and any other applicable taxes).

Standard Edition Total Subscription Fee

Lite Edition Total Subscription Fees

Total Subscription Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

We expect that you'll have some questions. We've tried to answer the most common questions below.

Something out of the ordinary?

Our aim is to provide you with a licensing proposition that is clear, straightforward, and effective. We prioritise offering you great value.

If you have any specific circumstances that you would like to discuss, we are always open to engaging in a reasonable business conversation.

While we do have certain limitations, we are committed to exploring a flexible and fair approach in order to find a solution that benefits everyone, every time.