by Jackie Smith, on 06/04/20 16:40

"We're undergoing routine maintenance, please try again later.' How many times have you run into this error message when trying to access bank accounts, government websites, online apps or other …

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Topics:cutover tool

by Andy Smith, on 03/03/20 13:54

Regardless of your specific business or technology context, the success of any large-scale technology cutover activities will depend to a great degree on an appropriate and effective organisation being put …

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by Andy Smith, on 30/11/19 18:22

It might seem an odd thing to do, but I spend a lot of time thinking about business and technology cutovers. I have my reasons... as they are central to …

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Topics:cutovercloud-basedcutover tool

by Jackie Smith, on 15/08/19 16:03

We’ve all been in that position where we’ve been told by someone senior in our organisation that a new process or tool is being adopted, sometimes with very little warning …

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Topics:business changecutover tool

by Leanna Hodgins, on 07/02/19 10:17

What is the ICEFLO JumpStart Service? Our team are committed to helping you get the most out of ICEFLO and are here to help you hit the ground running, right …

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by Jason Forsyth, on 04/02/19 13:56

Now available on the ServiceNow Store Introduction We are often asked by our many ICEFLO customers "Does ICEFLO integrate with ServiceNow?" The answer to that question is now "Yes". At …

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by Leanna Hodgins, on 30/01/19 15:42

Our latest recruit Lee Burgess took a leap of faith and changed careers after 18 years as a Retail Manager. We recently sat down with him to find out about …

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by Andy Smith, on 10/10/18 12:06

With over a decade’s worth of experience in running, developing, and executing technology cutover plans, we’ve learned one key point: The effective management of issues will have a very significant …

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Topics:cutoverincreased confidence and controlreduced risk of cutover failuremanaging issuestechnology cutovers

by Andy Smith, on 30/07/18 14:13

This recent post on LinkedIn really caught my attention - with news that the BoE and the UK Regulators are placing new requirements on all Financial Services companies to develop …

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Topics:cutoverincrease confidence and controlenhanced global collaborationreduced risk of cutover failure

by Leanna Hodgins, on 19/07/18 13:22

We are pleased to announce that ICEFLO, our Gartner Cool Vendor platform, is now available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework agreement. G-Cloud is a procurement framework where services …

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