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Baillie Gifford

"...having ICEflo gives us confidence that we are monitoring our SLA stopwatch, allows management and other team members to remotely view progress, and gives us a template to use on the next similar implementation. It's a big step forward for us."

Richard McGrail
Head of IS, Baillie Gifford

What can ICEflo do for you?

Head of Service Delivery

Head of Service Delivery

ICEflo gives you...

  • Visibility of real time status on implementations
  • Peace of mind with robust planning disciplines
  • Absolute focus on Service Protection


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Transition Managers

Transition Managers

ICEflo gives you...

  • Confidence in your planning due to the structured lifecycle process
  • Control over each stage with continuous forward forecasting
  • Automated live communications across the business


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ICEflo Quick Tour

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Home Page

Screenshot of home page

Interactive home page with user-specific information.

Maintain Service

Screenshot of maintain service screen

Capture key service metrics like Service Level Agreements.

STP Calendar

Screenshot of STP calendar

Real time view of all scheduled STPs across the business.

Display User - Details

Screenshot of display user details screen

See at a glance all the team members involved in the Service Transition and their contact details.

Maintain Tasks

Screenshot of maintain task list screen

Each STP is built up of numerous stages and tasks which can be done rapidly and in parallel.

Add Tasks

Screenshot of add tasks screen

Each team member can rapidly build up their own individual tasks.

Real Time Update Panel

Screenshot of Real Time Update Panel

Forward-forecasting engine which gives an up-to-the-minute timescale projection.

Maintain Communications

Screenshot of maintain communications screen

Allows everyone across the team to receive communications as they want it.


Screenshot of STP guage

See at a glance how your Service Transition is progressing.


Screenshot of events screen

Home in on the progress of selected STPs.

STP Schedule

Screenshot of STP Schedule

This screen shows the STP schedule and progress.

Planned-Actual Gantt

Screenshot of STP Planned-Actual Gantt chart

Gives a visual representation of the actual times associated to the tasks activation and completion compared to their planned times.