Workday migration

Global bank adopts ICEFLO to migrate from Peoplesoft to Workday

Business Context

A global bank had been using an on-premises Peoplesoft solution as their core Human Resources platform for almost a decade.  As the foundation stone of their HR Transformation programme, the client selected Workday as the target platform for their modernised, cloud-based digital HR solutions.

The scope of the migration programme was extensive, summarised as follows:

  • 80,000 employees using the HR solutions
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee education and development services
  • Employment procedures and policies
  • Performance management
  • Dozens of interfaces to downstream systems


“ICEFLO provided a powerful platform for all participants to collaborate effectively on this complex, large-scale implementation. We could track and report progress, issues and the critical path - all supported by real-time metrics that management trusted.”

Business Delivery Lead, Global Bank

The Problem

A platform migration of this scale brings with it considerable problems that need to be overcome. The complexity of the event means that detailed runbooks had to be built and rigorously tested. Accurate timings and detailed dependencies between tasks and indeed runbooks are critical.

Confidence in the cutover plan is crucial and can be elusive to build. With multiple parties involved,  effective standards, processes and organisational models had to be carefully designed and tested if chaos was to be avoided during the cutover. 

Finally, the ever-present problem of having limited time to perform a huge and complex set of tasks meant that effective co-ordination of a large team was essential, as was the efficient resolution of the issues that would inevitably arise.

The Goal

  • Migrate 80,000 users to the Workday digital HR platform
  • Migrate all data records from the Peoplesoft platform 
  • Migrate all interfaces to the new Workday platform
  • Perform the Go-Live cutover over a single weekend
  • Achieve "business as usual" on day 1 of the new solution
  • Minimise the impact on staff

The Challenge

A migration on this scale represented a huge undertaking and one that carried significant operational risk for the Bank.  The first challenge was to successfully adopt the ICEFLO solution and the second was to get to a go-decision, with confidence high that the go-live could be successfully delivered. Naturally, the greatest challenge was to deliver the cutover, successfully delivering the required business outcome. 

The challenges can be summarised as follows:

  • To train the implementation team in the use of ICEFLO, without distracting from the overriding goal of defining the runbook content 
  • To use dress rehearsals to build confidence in the runbook content, securing accurate task definitions, dependencies and runbook schedules 
  • To define and prove the processes that would be used to successfully orchestrate the tasks performed by hundreds of users from several parties during the implementation
  • To devise efficient mechanisms for handling the inevitable issues that would arise, capturing evidence for audit purposes, learning and post-implementation remediation
  • To integrate the use of ICEFLO into the reporting and decision making process used by senior managers

The Result

The implementation was an overwhelming success, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team from technology, business and various key partners. The ICEFLO solution meant that all stakeholders could see status and progress at all times; Issues were identified, reported and actively managed; Key checkpoints we supported by vital metrics, enabling data-driven decisions. The overall sensation of being in control of all the moving parts bred confidence throughout this critical event. All post-implementation activities were built into the cutover plan and added to as issues were identified.

150 Technology Staff
15 days of migration effort
100+ Business Staff
Partners including IBM & Workday

“The implementation of Workday as our strategic human capital management platform represents the biggest HR technology project we’ve undertaken for a decade. The success of this multi-million pound project was critical to the organisation.

ICEFLO helped deliver this success by providing a common platform for our cutover planning, enabled effective rehearsals and gave us the confidence and controls that we needed during the go-live period itself. The real-time updates during the go-live period kept everyone on track and allowed us to focus on key issues as they emerged.”

HR Business Partner, Global Bank

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