Customer Feedback

We know that ICEFLO can revolutionise the way you cutover. But don't just take our word for it! Here's what our customers have to say!

David Robertson (1)

"ICEFLO made the execution of runbooks simple – very simple!  Auto-updating reports, with clear icons to identify the status of each task, relieved a lot of undue pressure from the Implementation Managers during a highly visible and important event.

As an Implementation Manager who is previously used to using Excel to create and execute Runbooks/Schedule of Events/Task Lists, ICEFLO is a breath of fresh air and makes the execution of the runbook a breeze."

David Robertson
Implementation Manager



Hans Knoppers

"For a large and complex cutover like ours I would surely use ICEFLO again. Doing it via the traditional spreadsheet way is simply not an option anymore if you have worked with ICEFLO.

The tool is simply made for the job and it will allow you to execute and manage implementations in a professional way with a high level of quality."

Hans Knopper
Project Manager

Shaan Kodituwakku


"ICEFLO is invaluable in both the building and execution phases of any complex implementation; From assisting with clear data on what upcoming tasks are next on a simple upgrade to the overview of the hundreds of parallel activities being run in a large scale data centre move or mainframe Disaster Recovery event, I've used ICEFLO for all of these with success.

The traditional method of having a spreadsheet of tasks is antiquated and lacks the functions and speed at which ICEFLO can present information back in real-time, empowering both the implementation managers and the stakeholders to make informed decisions on the ground."

Shaan Kodituwakku
Senior Implementation Manager

Steve McGonnell (1)

"In conclusion, the data center migration was a very, very complex cutover. Every time the project team challenged ICEFLO they came up with the goods. I firmly believe that without ICEFLO, the implementation would not have been the huge undoubted success that it was."

Steve McGonnell
Implementation Manager

Roberta Nayee
Implementation Manager

"ICEFLO does require a change in mindset to move team members away from other implementation planning methods, and even though it sometimes appears to require more work upfront than building the same in excel or MSP, during an actual implementation event it was definitely far superior and provided us with multiple benefits.

When using ICEFLO across multiple teams, the event became in effect ‘collectively managed’, as team members could activate and complete their own tasks with little orchestration from a central implementation team. The correct precursors drove out when their tasks should start, and time was saved moving through the plan without having to constantly reassess whether tasks could be started and being on the phone calling out tasks. People could really focus on their activities and quickly update their status knowing that the tool would progress on to the subsequent tasks automatically.

During the event visually the tool definitely helped us easily identify any tasks that were running late. Also viewing the dependencies, tracking progress, performing small changes and seeing the impact, were all quick and far more transparent. Our teams were even using ICEFLO on their mobile phones ! So overall we were pleased that we had successfully managed the event and I’m sure we will be using ICEFLO for our next implementation.”