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Why Service Assurance

Many of our Customers continue to ask for complete reassurance when critical cutover activity is underway. We know that the stakes are high in these scenarios and that nothing should be left to chance. As your Cutover partner, we're only too happy to oblige, providing maximum confidence and reassurance when it's most needed. 

What is Service Assurance

Service Assurance is our premium support service, delivering over and above the "normal" expectations. When Service Assurance is put in place, we elevate the quality of service by putting our "A-team" directly on the case. In this scenario, the individuals who have designed, developed and built the ICEFLO service are mobilised on a 24-hour support model. Our team of four will include experts from Customer Success, Product Engineering and Cloud Services.

What they will do

Our Service Assurance team will conduct a range of pro-active activities that will absolutely minimise the risk of any issues with the ICEFLO service during the critical cutover periods. Their mission is to ensure that, you, our Customers have full confidence that the ICEFLO service will be rock-solid during your cutover event. Their first goal is to be present, ready to help, around the clock. Here’s some details of what they will do:

  • To proactively monitor the health of the ICEFLO service
  • To expertly diagnose the behaviour of the service, looking for trends that might indicate an emerging problem
  • To take pre-emptive action where necessary to avert any potential issue
  • To respond immediately to any actual issues that affect the stability, availability or performance of the ICEFLO service
  • To expertly diagnose any such issues and take effective and responsive recovery action
  • To be in place to invoke a Disaster Recovery site invocation should this be necessary


What they will bring

  • Every member of our Service Assurance team is highly experienced professional in their chosen discipline
  • They represent the “expert layer” within our organisation
  • They will have designed, built and supported ICEFLO for several years
  • They will have designed and built our Disaster Recovery solution
  • They will have performed our Disaster Recovery rehearsals
  • They will be completely familiar with our Incident Management tools and processes
  • They will bring knowledge of your own Cutover Plan to provide reassurance and support throughout your business critical event
  • In short, are the best qualified people on the planet to help you, should any issue arise



£100 per hour