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 Runbooks as a Service

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Say goodbye to static runbook templates and stressful cutovers.

Runbook engineering is a time-consuming, collaborative activity that is typically performed on a client site by a Project Manager, Deployment Manager, Runbook Engineer - sometimes even a team of dedicated engineers. Despite being onsite, the process requires collaboration with business experts who are physically located across the globe.

For this level of collaboration, you need a solution that offers real-time visibility, automated alerting and industry-standard best practices built in. ICEFLO's cloud-based platform provides reliable, cost-effective collaborative tools - and can provide an expert team to create the runbooks you need, fast.

Cloud-based, custom runbooks - not standard templates

As a cloud-based runbook solution, ICEFLO offers a more reliable approach to deployment. ICEFLO runbooks are created by our own in-house engineering team, using ICEFLO's advanced features to ensure trouble-free cutovers.

  • Perfect runbooks, carefully and accurately constructed by our runbook engineering team
  • Your existing runbooks, typically Excel spreadsheets and other runbook templates, imported into the software
  • Refining and capturing all of your content, including dependencies
  • On-line reviews of the content with your own team of cutover plan contributors
  • Assessment and reporting on the quality of existing runbooks, in line with published guidelines and industry runbook best-practice
  • Approval by your own Project Managers or Deployment Managers when ready

Our Team of Certified Cutover Experts

  • Experienced, certified ICEFLO experts, with a proven background of building complex runbooks for business-critical technology cutovers
  • Have worked as Deployment Managers in other large-scale projects
  • Familiar with spreadsheet and runbook template solutions, having used them for years before acquiring the skills and certifications to use ICEFLO effectively
  • Experience performing this role on client sites for companies of all sizes, and comfortable working remotely with teams anywhere in the world
  • Granted ICEFLO Runbook Solution Certifications


Benefits of ICEFLO Runbooks

With our innovative, Runbooks-as-a-service offering, we make good things happen, quickly:

  • Jump-start the use of ICEFLO's change management software in your organisation and be up and running within days
  • Shorten the time-to-value by ensuring that ICEFLO is implemented correctly, exploiting the software solution's most powerful features and transforming your cutover experience
  • Reduce the load on busy Project Managers as cutover day looms on the horizon
  • Support your cutover team so they can transition confidently and effectively using ICEFLO
  • A cost-effective approach to gaining product expertise exactly when you most need it
  • Provide all stakeholders with real-time visibility during cutovers with mobile alerts


£600 per day