Principles with Purpose




We've all had experience of organisations where Core Values are published as an HR exercise. At Agenor, we resisted the clamour to follow suit - it just wasn't for us. As we've grown, however, we've realised that not only do we have core values but that we live and breathe them every day.

Capturing and communicating these as Our Principles lets our staff, associates and customers know what we're about. Simple, universal and clear. 

They are principles with purpose, and here's why they are so important: 

  • They apply to everyone and to everything that we do
  • They guide every decision we make, in every scenarios
  • They are sincere and powerful statements of what we expect of ourselves
  • They communicate both what's expected and what to expect when working with Agenor


We get on with getting things done. This means energy, purpose, initiative and ownership. 




We are generous to colleagues, customers and partners. We praise openly and regularly. A simple "thank you" is a powerful tool.



We deliver excellent products and services through the expertise and attitude of our people. We value education, certification and experience.

We innovate with process, product, services and people. We try new ways and learn from our successes and failures.



We communicate freely and share information openly. Everyone’s ideas and opinions count.



We respect our colleagues, customers, suppliers and ourselves.





We are a single team made up of smaller teams. We act as a team to deliver shared objectives. We build teams of colleagues and clients.





We take account of everyone’s thoughts, opinions and feelings. We look and listen for different perspectives.




We go the extra mile to get things done. We commit to delivery, to dates, to deadlines, to our colleagues and customers. We are prepared to put in the extra hours and enjoy the satisfaction that successful delivery brings. 



We get a buzz out of the daily challenge of delivering and we enjoy the company of colleagues. We make and take the time to have a laugh.