Licenses & Pricing FAQ's


Q: How does ICEFLO licensing work? 

A: All ICEFLO licensing works on the basis of a Monthly Access License (or MAL). When a user logs in during a calendar month, that means a MAL has been consumed. It doesn't matter if that's one login per month or a thousand logins that month. It also doesn't matter what device is used (desktop or mobile). 

Q: What type of licenses are available? 

A: ICEFLO is available on a consumption licensing basis. Buy just what you need, use it whenever you want. Top up if necessary. For the independent programme or project innovator.

Q: If I run out of licenses, how do I purchase more? 
AThat's easy! Contact us and you can buy more MAL's, at a price that reflects the agreement you are on.
Q: If I don't use all my licenses, do I get a refund? 
A: Sorry, unfortunately we don't offer refunds. 
Q: What are the payment terms for ICEFLO licenses?
A: All ICEFLO agreements are based on payment in advance. For large-scale agreements, we're always happy to discuss a suitable arrangement.

Q: How quickly can my instance be provisioned? 

AUpon receipt of your order, we can have you up and running within one day. If you have specific custom requirements for a bespoke service, it will take a little longer. 

Q: Will I have access to support?
A: Yes! We provide full access to support services (telephone, email, ticketing and chat) between 8am and 6pm GMT. We do provide 24/7 Service Assurance as an optional extra cost. 

Q: Why do I need to pay up front for ICEFLO? 
A: We’ve found that customers who make a financial commitment to ICEFLO will be more successful in the long run. Your long-term success is our goal, so we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Paying up front makes more committed, successful customers.

Q: Are there any separate fees for use of SMS text messaging? 
A: We've not seen any customers rack up a huge volume of text messaging and are happy to bundle this communications channel free as part of the fees for each package. We reserve the right to review this policy if a customer really ramps up the volume, at which point we'd have a chat about fair usage and fair charges.

Question still not answered?

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