Integrations FAQs

Q: Does ICEFLO have any existing integrations with ServiceNow? 
 Yes! We currently have integrations with ServiceNow for Incident & Change Management.
Q: I already have ServiceNow set up, will I need a new one to link to ICEFLO?

A: No, it is possible to link your existing ServiceNow instance to your ICEFLO instance. All that is needed is to download the ICEFLO application from the ServiceNow store into your instance.

Q: Is it a difficult process to link to ServiceNow?
 No, we have made this task as simple as possible and have provided easy to follow steps on our ICEFLO Training Centre (accessed via the Academy domain within ICEFLO) documenting how to achieve your ServiceNow integration. Of course the Customer Success team will also be on hand to assist you if required.

Q: Is it possible for my ICEFLO team to communicate with the ServiceNow team?

A: You can add contact information (name, email, phone number) in ICEFLO and have these reflected in ServiceNow, therefore allowing teams to communicate effectively.

Q: Will I be able to monitor ServiceNow estimated resolution times in ICEFLO?

 Yes, a support technician can set this estimated resolution time and it will automatically be populated in ICEFLO, allowing ICEFLO teams to plan their change steps accordingly.

Q: Will my changes automatically update on ServiceNow?

A: Raising incidents and changes in ICEFLO will automatically create new ServiceNow incidents and changes respectively. Updates to a change or incident in ServiceNow, such as setting the assignment group, changing the priority or resolving the change are reflected back to the corresponding ICEFLO change or incident immediately without the need for user intervention.

Q: I have dictionary enabled my ICEFLO instance, will this be shown in ICEFLO?
 Due to the popularity of our Dictionary enablement, we have made sure to carry this option through to your ServiceNow integration. This means users will be given the opportunity to rename issues, runbooks and events, reducing confusion between interchangeable terms.

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