Leagh Douglas

Head of Product Management


Leagh is Head of Product Management at ICEFLO specialising in the engineering of the ICEFLO product itself.

Leagh’s typical day consists of regularly liaising with various internal departments and our customers.  Her main objective every day is to understand customer requirements, marketplace drivers and, working with the team, driving the ICEFLO product forward.

Before joining ICEFLO, Leagh attained a Masters of Science degree in Mathematical Modelling thus leading to work in IBM in a variety of roles for various customers across the globe.  Her roles varied from Java developer to Lead Application Designer.

In Leagh’s spare time she loves spending time with family on their small farm and her many friends, some of which she met when at her local book club gatherings.

An usual fact about the mathematician is that she can count to 181 when keeping track of her "keepie-uppie" record.