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lCEFLO is revolutionising the cutover process for leading global organisations. Try it for FREE for 30 days and you'll soon see why! It's time to cutover with confidence. 

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"ICEFLO is invaluable in both the building and execution phases of any complex implementation; From assisting with clear data on what upcoming tasks are next on a simple upgrade to the overview of the hundreds of parallel activities being run in a large scale data centre move or mainframe Disaster Recovery event, I've used ICEFLO for all of these with success."
Shaan Kodituwakku

Shaan Kodituwakku
Senior Implementation Manager

"ICEFLO made the execution of runbooks simple – very simple!  Auto-updating reports, with clear icons to identify the status of each task, relieved a lot of undue pressure from the Implementation Managers during a highly visible and important event."
David Robertson

David Robertson
Implementation Manager

"For a large and complex cutover like ours I would surely use ICEFLO again. Doing it via the traditional spreadsheet way is simply not an option anymore if you have worked with ICEFLO.

The tool is simply made for the job and it will allow you to execute and manage implementations in a professional way with a high level of quality."

Hans Knoppers

Hans Knoppers
Project Manager

What's Included?

Our free trial is designed to give you an unlimited 'access all areas' view of ICEFLO. We hope that this will give you a comprehensive understanding of how it works, and will demonstrate the value of ICEFLO in helping you to overcome the unique challenges of your cutover scenario. In addition to full ICEFLO access, during your 30 day trial you will be granted access to: 

ICEFLO Academy: A learning hub containing all ICEFLO courses and certifications, allowing you to educate for free on all things ICEFLO!

ICEFLO Support: The ICEFLO team are here to offer full and unlimited support during your free trial, via email, telephone, chat and tickets.

ICEFLO Roadmap Contribution: We value user input and welcome suggestions on any areas we can improve. By taking part in the free trial, you will be able to contribute ideas to the future roadmap of ICEFLO. 

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