Features for every cutover

We've got all the features you'll need to achieve your cutover goals with confidence and control

Beautiful Runbooks 

Carefully built in its core, it looks great on any screen size, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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Stages and tasks

Build comprehensive, detailed runbooks based on stages and tasks. Standards, structure and a common vocabulary for every little detail.

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  • imac List Tasks (1)
  • imac Task Detail (1)


An at a glance view of everything you need to keep an eye on, all built in real-time to keep you on track during your cutover.

  • imac - STP Dashboard (1)
  • imac - Event Dashboard
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Integrated Issues

Raise and manage issues as they arise. Assess and share the impact - immediately. 

  • IMAC-List suspended STP
  • imac - STP List Issues (1)
  • imac - Issue Detail (1)

Automated Reporting

No more scrambling to create a management status report. Fact-based reports "out of the box".

  • iMac Create Checkpoint
  • IMAC Event list reports screen
  • imac - Report on Screen (1)


Running a complex cutover with multiple, related runbooks? Bring everything together as a single Event. 

  • imac Event Calendar (1)
  • imac Event List Tasks (1) (1)
  • imac Event STPs (1)


On the move during a cutover? Keep informed and participate - wherever you are. 

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  • Schedule (1)
  • Description and contacts (1)
  • List Tasks (1)
  • Runbook Issues (1)