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Build and Execute Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Manage Risk, Achieve Your Recovery Time Objective - and Ensure Business Continuity


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Respond confidently to unpredictable events with an accurately-timed, well-rehearsed Disaster Recovery Plan.

How ICEFLO Enables Better DR Cutovers


Estimate your RTA (recovery time actual) with ICEFLO’s real-time forecasting engine. Run detailed walkthroughs to validate the plan, get total visibility of the critical path, and see accurate durations and dependencies for each task before, during and after the event.


Assert a universal runbook standard and vocabulary, and collaborate in real time with your team wherever they are in the world. Allocate resources to priority tasks. Get clarity on who is needed and when, and automate the event schedule even as circumstances change.


Extract high quality information from each rehearsal, and get comprehensive visibility during the actual event. Identify and manage issues effectively, continuously track their impact on the end time, and quickly see the updated forecast as well as the overall health of the cutover.


Compile factual evidence to secure confidence in the Disaster Recovery Plan. Deliver clear and timely reports to stakeholders, and capture a detailed audit trail for compliance and governance purposes. Learn better lessons, propagate past successes and improve continuously.


Build a DR Plan Informed by Risk Management Best Practice

There’s no better enabler of business resilience than well-managed IT. Disaster Recovery rehearsals, done right, can provide assurance that essential services will continue to operate or quickly be restored following extreme events.

Whether you use a managed colocation service or your own secondary data centre, recovery within impact tolerance parameters is essential. With purpose-built tools, IT Operations teams can make clearer predictions and beat performance expectations.

Calmly and Confidently Meet RTO

Complex cutover events can be chaotic to manage, and when it comes to disaster recovery, there’s little room for error. 

Accurate, contemporary instrumentation and constant visibility of real time RAG status empowers cutover teams with a sense of calm and control. At any moment they can compare the current forecast with the RTO, meaning better, calmer decisions can be made.

ICEFLO enables you to cutover between backup and production environments with confidence.

Achieve IT Resilience and ensure Business Continuity

Technology is at the heart of business resilience.

Achieving assured disaster recovery and confidence in your team’s plans for a range of unpredictable scenarios is a powerful business asset.

With the most pressing compliance and business continuity concerns addressed, executives are able to make sensible investments to improve Recovery Point Objective, customer engagement or business operations.

Taken together, technology and risk management practices can keep your business thriving in times of crisis.


Build and Execute ICEFLO Runbooks for Other IT Operations Scenarios

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