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ICEFLO Data Center Migration Case Study: Global Bank uses ICEFLO on major Data Centre Migration programme

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Customer Context: Data Migration Considerations

After a Global Bank completed the acquisition of significant areas of a European bank, a major technology integration programme was mobilised. One of the key strategic objectives was to migrate the global corporate payment systems from data centres in Europe over to the UK.

The global bank had very high value corporate transactions flowing though the European-based payment systems every single day, delivering key services to global customers. It was of the utmost importance that the data center cutover was delivered with minimal disruption to business.

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The Problem: Determining Data Center Migration Best Practices

The Bank had relied on the traditional use of spreadsheets to build the myriad of datacentre migration cutover plans that were required. This labour intensive, error prone approach struggled to build the necessary confidence.

The business and technology risks associated with this massive change were so great that regulators had to be satisfied that the datacenter migration cutover plan was robust, proven And complete. The data center migrations had to be safe, effective and do-able within the weekend service outage that was accepted by the Business.

The Goal: Executing A Seamless Data Center Migration Plan

  • To mobilise and manage a global, multi-party data centre cutover team
  • To run a series of dress rehearsals, enhancing the scope and quality of the data centre cutover plan with each cycle
  • To build confidence to the required level, enabling a "Go" decision to be reached
  • To deliver the Go-Live cutover across a long weekend
  • To ensure that Payments systems were fully operational after the data center migration

The Challenge: Finding the Ideal Data Centre Relocation Strategy

Migrating data centres of this scale represents a huge feat of planning, organisation and orchestration. From the outset, the data migration strategy was set and a "big-bang" approach was adopted. Earlier rehearsals hadn't gone as well as was hoped and the complexity of the task was daunting. Multiple workstreams were defined, including applications, infrastructure, networks, shared services, End User Access (EUA) and change management.

  • 92 high-value Corporate payments systems to be migrated
  • Over 20 technology suppliers involved, with 5 playing a major role
  • Over 1,000 Business and Technology people participating in the cutover event
  • Participants from 13 different locations, spanning countries around the globe
  • Tight time constraints, with a maximum of 4 days to conduct the exercise

ICEFLO was adopted by the programme after a number of spreadsheet-based rehearsals had concluded. The first of many data center migration challenges the Bank faced was importing existing runbook content into the ICEFLO solution. End user training in the solution was also required to support the adoption. 

After some initial scepticism, the team responsible for building runbooks gained confidence in the ICEFLO solution and embraced the change in toolset. Building better quality plans became possible and the integrated view of the data center cutover plan began to emerge.

The Result: Seamless Data Centre Migration to the Cloud

The Adoption

  • Adopting ICEFLO proved to be relatively easy. As a cloud-based platform, global access to the solution was simple to achieve
  • The intuitive user interface and familiar terminology meant a short learning curve for global adoption by staff and partners alike
  • Enhanced dependency management and the powerful Events feature meant that a complex, integrated set of runbooks was rapidly constructed
  • Dress rehearsals went well, with added control, issue management and significant lessons learned. 
  • Organisational structures and bespoke processes were designed, tested and optimised (e.g. issue and incident management, end user access etc
  • Confidence in the plan, the process and the team grew to the point where a Go-decision could be secured
Calm, controlled cutover execution
Ease of adoption on global basis
Active risk and issue management
Real-time status reporting and exec assurance
Successful datacenter migration team
“ICEFLO was invaluable both to the creation and the execution of the Runbooks.  It formed the backbone of task planning and execution, as well as our monitoring and assurance of a timely Return to Service.  I simply cannot imagine how we could have executed an event of this scale and complexity using a traditional spreadsheet/macro approach.”


Event Execution Manager, IT Operations


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