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ICEFLO has steadily earned the trust of key global brands through proven use in the most demanding of cutover contexts.

Lloyds Banking Group
Standard Life Aberdeen
Shop Direct

Success Stories

Learn how our Customers are using ICEFLO to deliver large-scale technology cutovers with increased confidence and significantly reduced risk.


Data Centre Migration

European Datacentre Migration

When a major UK bank acquired significant parts of a major European bank in 2008, migrating the corporate payments platform from the Netherlands to the UK datacentres represented a commercial and strategic challenge. With ICEFLO at the heart of the cutover process, the major UK bank achieved this significant feat of logistical, technical and planning excellence.

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  • Over 90 payments systems migrated 
  • 1000 staff; 33 Runbooks; 4,000+ tasks
  • 55 hours of high pressure cutover activity
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Banking services migrated to the IBM Cloud

When IBM won a major outsourcing deal with ABN Amro in 2015, a strategic aspect of the proposition was to migrate a substantial proportion of the ABN Amro estate to the IBM Cloud. IBM embraced ICEFLO as the solution to handle the tranches of cutovers that this would entail.

Learn how IBM succeeded, migrating up to 30 business systems per weekend.

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  • 20 teams involved, in over 10 countries 
  • 1,100 applications migrated in 32 waves
  • High, safe throughput delivering to cost and schedule targets.
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 Legacy Payments Refresh

Legacy Payments Platform undergoes total technology refresh

After a major UK bank completed the acquisition of significant areas of a major European bank, a legacy corporate payments platform was inherited. The platform hadn't been upgraded for several years and it was showing its age with serious stability issues occurring on a regular basis.

Learn how Agenor and ICEFLO helped the Bank to modernise and stabilise this critical platform.

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  • Over 20 incidents per month reduced to 0
  • Entire technology refresh exercise concluded in 14 weeks
  • ICEFLO enabled confidence in the cutovers
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Shop Direct

Cloud Migration managed by ICEFLO

IBM and Shop Direct are re-platforming a range of existing systems to the IBM Cloud. The Cutover team replaced spreadsheets and proprietary tools to deliver a new approach that offered more control and better visibility of the cutover events.

Learn how ICEFLO helped both parties deliver successful cutovers.

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  • Migration to IBM Cloud
  • Safe and controlled migrations
  • No service interruptions as a result of cutover activity
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Mainframe Assurance Delivery

Mainframe Assured Disaster Recovery successfully adopts ICEFLO

A major UK bank uses the IBM Mainframe as the bedrock technology infrastructure for the systems that underpin the Bank's critical data and services.

IT resilience is a key element of the Bank's strategic priorities and is essential to retain customer trust and confidence. In this context, the Assured Disaster Recovery event demonstrates a crucial capability to Customers, staff, shareholders and the UK Regulator.

Learn how the Bank used ICEFLO to achieve a resounding success.

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  • 7,000 tasks over 4 full days
  • 400 people involved
  • No service issues arising from the ADR event
  • Safer, faster and cheaper than previous ADR events
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