G-Cloud 10 Approved!

by Leanna Hodgins, on 19/07/18 13:22

We are pleased to announce that ICEFLO, our Gartner Cool Vendor platform, is now available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework agreement.

G-Cloud is a procurement framework where services are made available through a front- end Catalogue on a Digital Marketplace. It is divided into 3 Lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. Since its inception in 2012, G-Cloud has generated sales of over £3.1 billion sold with 48% of this awarded to SMEs!

ICEFLO is a cloud-based software platform, used to plan and deliver complex technology changes with transparency and control. At ICEFLO we have taken existing best practices based on spreadsheets and structured them into a collaborative platform. Typical use cases for ICEFLO include Application Changes, Legacy Technology Refreshes, Infrastructure Changes, Disaster Recovery Rehearsals, Cloud Migrations, and Data Centre Migrations and Optimisations.

ICEFLO's Chief Commercial Officer, Jason Forsyth said “The ability to have a single version of the truth available to all parties involved in probably the most critical part of any technology or business change gives clients the ability to make informed decisions, reduce risk and ultimately protect service. We constantly hear of ICEFLO being used to provide that extra level of comfort and assurance, whilst quietly delivering success."

G-Cloud 10 New

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