Accounts and Passwords FAQ's

Q: How do I log in to ICEFLO?
You have three options.
1) Visit or bookmark www.iceflo.com and click on the Login menu option
2) Visit or bookmark https://app.iceflo.com
3) If your organisation has opted for a branded, dedicated service, visit https://"mycompany".iceflo.com

Q: When I log in, the system states that my account is inactive. What do I do? 
Contact your ICEFLO Client Administrator and request that your account be activated 
Q: How do I avoid the need to type my email address each time I log in to ICEFLO?
The 'remember me' function means that your login name will be retained on the computer from which you typed it in. If you select this option, your username will always be retained. Note that this procedure needs to be repeated on each computer from which you access ICEFLO. Your password is never stored on the computer by ICEFLO.
Q: What if I forget my password?
 On the login page of ICEFLO on the right hand side of the password field there is a ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click on this link and enter your username/email address. You will then receive a password reset email, with instructions.
Q: What are the rules for the content of passwords?
   The minimum password length is 8 characters. Your password must contain a mixture of alpha-numeric characters. 

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